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Emergency Ready Bag

We never know when an emergency will occur. That’s why it’s important to stay prepared with an Emergency Ready Bag.

A Ready Bag contains the essential items that would help you and your family during an emergency. You should bring your Ready Bag with you when you are required to evacuate your home. Every member of your family should know where the Ready Bag is kept and it should be easily accessible in your home.

What items should be in your Ready Bag?

Your Ready Bag should contain the following items:

  • Torchlight without batteries: In case of power outage and when evacuating in the dark. Remove battery when not in use.
  • Batteries: For powering the torchlight.
  • Essential personal medication: For yours/ your family members' existing medical condition(s).
  • Waterproof folder containing photocopies of important documents e.g. NRIC, insurance policies: As a backup in case original documents are destroyed in the emergency
  • Whistle: To call for help or alert others.
  • First aid kit: To treat any minor injuries.
  • Childcare supplies and other special care items: To meet the needs of any special individuals in the family, e.g. infants.
  • N95 Mask: To protect you and your family from excessive exposure to pollutants and air-borne infections.
Optional Items
  • A list of personal contact numbers
  • Cash
  • Bottled water and dry foodstuff
  • A set of spare clothing
  • A list of emergency numbers

Points to note:

- Do not pack bulky items into the Ready Bag as it may hamper movement during an emergency

- Check expiry dates of perishable items in the bag and replace them when needed

- Periodically replace batteries with new ones and do not place them inside devices e.g. torchlight


With the above information, these are the essential items that should be in the Ready Bag.

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