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Temasek Foundation – Restart A Heart

The Temasek Foundation – Restart A Heart programme is a first responder programme to raise the bystander response rate in cases of cardiac arrest, when a person’s heart stops, happening outside the hospital.

Through a simplified pedagogy, the programme encourages members of the public to learn basic resuscitation skills like continuous chest compression-only resuscitation as well as the use of an AED Heart Restarter.

The life-saving skills can be learned through a 1-hour training course which teaches one to:

  1. recognise when a person’s heart stops;
  2. call 995 for Emergency Medical Service (EMS);
  3. start continuous chest compressions;
  4. use an AED Heart Restarter if available; and
  5. stay on the line with EMS and wait for an ambulance to arrive

Anyone can learn restart a heart and save a life. Interested persons can call Singapore Heart Foundation at Tel: 6354 9379/73 or Email: to register their interest.

The Temasek Foundation – Restart A Heart programme is a collaboration with the Singapore Heart Foundation and is part of the ‘Stay Prepared’ initiative funded by the Temasek Emergency Preparedness Fund.