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Temasek Foundation partnered with the Ministry of Education (MOE) and Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) to provide care items for all pre-school, early intervention centres, primary, secondary, special education (SPED), junior college and Institute of Technical Education (ITE) students and teachers, to help them keep safe.

  1. Pre-school, primary, secondary, special education (SPED) and Junior College students each received a 50ml pocket size hand sanitiser and 500ml hand sanitiser.
  2. All students, service contractors and staff at ITEs each received a pair of MaskSafe DET30 reusable masks, a 50ml pocket size hand sanitiser and a 500ml hand sanitiser.
  3. Pre-school and primary school students also received a face shield each.
  4. Pre-school teachers received both face shields and oximeters as well.

This initiative benefited more than 650,000 students, and 42,000 teachers and contract staff.