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SMRT Corporation, HOPE Technik and Sheares Healthcare, with the support of Temasek Foundation,  retrofitted existing SMRT buses to use for COVID-19 related operations. The COVID-19 Multi-Passenger Enhanced Transporter (COMET) comes in three vehicle sizes – the MAXI, MIDI and MINI – and will help facilitate the transfer of passengers between facilities, including hospitals, dormitories and various community facilities..

The MAXI can hold up to 30 passengers and was deployed in May. The 23-seater MIDI and 9-seater MINI were deployed in June, with the smaller vehicles allowing for better access to pick-up and drop-off points including hospitals’ A&E driveways.

The COMET fleet’s safety features include a sealed separation between the passengers and driver, separate air-conditioning systems for air circulation and a negative pressure system fitted with a HEPA filter to ensure that only clean air is filtered out from the passengers’ compartment.

COMET drivers undergo 20 hours of training conducted by SMRT and wear Personal Protective Equipment(PPE) while on duty.