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About the 'Stay Prepared' Coasters

Temasek Foundation Cares is giving every household in Singapore a practical reminder on the need to stay prepared for common home injuries.

Specially-designed by students from Crest Secondary School’s Visual Arts Club, the reminder comes in the form of a set of magnetic coasters to support individuals and families to be prepared for home emergencies.

Common household injuries included burns and scalds and the coasters contain illustrations on what to do should they be burnt or scalded at home in four simple steps with 4Cs:

1. Cool injured area in cold water for 10 minutes

2. Clear clothes or jewellery from injured area

3. Cover injured area with sterile or clean dressing

4. Call 995 for severe injury

Emergency and useful contact numbers are also listed on the postcard that comes with the coasters. Households are encouraged to keep these contact numbers in a visible and accessible location.

These informational coasters complements the “Emergency!” infotainment series on Mediacorp which helps the public to learn to deal with common emergencies such as choking, drowning, burns, animal bites and traumatic injuries. The “Emergency!” series can be viewed on

This programme is part of the ‘Stay Prepared’ initiative by Temasek Foundation Cares to help build the resilience of the Singapore community to cope with emergencies.

Members of the public who have enquiries on the coasters can contact us at Tel: 6801 6101 for more information.