Temasek Foundation supports a diverse range of programmes that uplift lives and communities in Singapore and beyond. Temasek Foundation’s programmes, made possible through philanthropic endowments gifted by Temasek, strive towards achieving positive outcomes for individuals and communities now, and for generations to come.

Collectively, our programmes strengthen social resilience, foster international exchange and regional capabilities, and advance science and nature.

Strengthening Social Resilience and Uplifting Lives

We endeavour to build a more resilient, harmonious and inclusive society in Singapore. Our outcome-focused programmes help to enhance our social fabric by supporting individuals, strengthening families and uplifting communities. We pilot programmes and research as well as support programmes that promote culture, heritage and values to benefit current and future generations.

Fostering International Exchange and Enhancing Regional Capabilities

We connect people through programmes that promote dialogues, mutual understanding and a more inclusive worldview. Our programmes also advance capability and capacity in areas such as healthcare, education, public administration, urban management, and disaster response.

Advancing Science and Nature for a Sustainable World

We champion sustainability and support research and education in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, and solution-oriented development projects that contribute to improving liveability. These programmes strengthen research capabilities and promote cross-functional collaboration in areas such as healthcare, education, climate change, wildlife conservation and the circular economy.