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FY 2010-2011

Young Caregivers Programme
Nurturing students to be future caregivers to the elderly
Partner: HCA Hospice Care

By the year 2030, it is projected that 1 in 5 residents in Singapore will be aged 65 years and older. With the rise in the number of elderly, there will be a need for more caregivers. The Young Caregivers programme aims to nurture the youth of today to be future caregivers through helping them to develop a sense of empathy for the elderly and showing them ways of caring. The programme aims to reach out to more than 21,600 students from 90 schools over 2 years.

Run by HCA Hospice Care, the programme targets students from upper primary schools, secondary schools, post-secondary institutions and other tertiary institutions. Students participate in an educational workshop as part of their school curriculum and interact with the elderly and elderly sick through visits to hospices or other centres for the elderly. The format of the classroom-based programme is customised to fit 3 different age group students and is both informative and interactive. Primary school students watch a brief video presentation on caring for the elderly and elderly sick while secondary level students watch a video presentation featuring interviews with young caregivers who share real-life experiences in caring for their loved ones. Post-secondary students are engaged using excerpts from a relevant movie for discussions on issues of life and relationships with the elderly and elderly sick.

With the support of Temasek Cares, the Young Caregivers Programme is able to reach out to more schools and students. It is also able to increase the number of centres for elderly that the students can visit. Emphasis is placed on engaging the students in continued involvement in caring for the elderly and elderly sick so that a more systematic and permanent social change is achieved.


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