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FY 2012-2013

Transition-To-Work Programme for Disadvantaged Youths
Helping disadvantaged school-leavers to make the transition to the workplace
Partner: Bizlink Centre

Photo Credit: Bizlink Centre

Disadvantaged students face many challenges in securing and sustaining employment after they leave school. Having graduated at a young age, they may lack the maturity and skills to cope in the workplace. In a survey conducted by Bizlink Centre, the common reasons cited by the students for attrition at the workplace are:

  • inability to get along with co-workers or supervisor
  • influence of friends who have quit
  • inability to cope with hardship and problems at work,
    such as long hours, manual labour, being reprimanded by customers
  • lack of interest and confidence
  • lack of parental support

These school leavers may not be well served by existing employment support programmes which are mainly targeted at older adults. Many also do not qualify for support under programmes for persons with special needs. To meet this gap, Temasek Cares and Bizlink have put together a pilot programme to help these young school leavers to transit to the workplace.. Funded under the Ee Peng Liang Endowment this programme aims to serve 200 school leavers over 2 years.

Under the programme, each school leaver undergoes a vocational assessment carried out by occupational therapists and psychologists at Bizlink. They are then placed in the most suitable job and supported in the workplace by job coaches. The job coaches work with employers to build a supportive work environment. The school leaver is further supported by teachers, family social workers and alumni officers of participating schools, such as Northlight School and Assumption Pathway School.

This case management approach helps bring together all the stakeholders to ensure a smooth transition to the workplace for the young school leaver.

Press Release:
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