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FY 2016-2017

Programme to Engage Parents at Crest Secondary School
Supporting Crest Secondary School in engaging parents and strengthening familial bonds
Partner: Crest Secondary School

Since 2013, Temasek Foundation Cares has supported Crest Secondary School in promoting parent engagement and family bonding through community building efforts and organising activities to strengthen home-school and parent-child relationships.

Since the start of the programme in 2013 to 2016, 15 events were held, reaching out to 993 parents/guardians. For 2017 to 2018, 200 families will benefit from the programme.

“It was extremely fun and ‘shiok’ to be able to bond and mingle with my classmates, schoolmates and other parents at a more informal setting over activities such as a pizza-making session. We were able to tap on one another’s strengths while we worked on our own areas for improvement.”
~ Mohd Noor, a Secondary 3 student of Crest Secondary School

“I am a volunteer in Crest PAL (Crest Parent Active Link). My grandson and I get numerous opportunities to visit interesting places as well as take part in activities. For instance, we had a pizza-making session recently. Students have learnt cooking during their Hospitality classes in Lower Secondary, so parents and grandparents can also learn from our children and grandchildren.”
~ Madam Rohani, grandmother of Mohd Noor

FY 2013-2014

Temasek Cares – Engage Parents Programme
Helping to build stronger familial bonds
Partner: Crest Secondary School

This programme engages parents in their child’s development and helps build stronger familial ties. The school organises various activities every term to involve the students and their families. Activities include talks on parenting skills and career awareness, fun events such as baking competitions and movies, and healthy lifestyle activities such as sporting events and health screening.

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