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FY 2013-2014

Temasek Cares – Career Rising
Helping Malay/ Muslim Workers from low-income families with career progression
Partner: Mendaki SENSE

The Career Rising programme helps Malay/Muslim workers from low-income families to succeed in Professional, Managerial, and Executive (PME) jobs. These workers come from families with per-capita income of $850 and below and have been identified by their employers to have the potential to take on PME positions. They have been recently promoted and are in the process of transitioning into the new job.

The programme provides support to help these workers make a successful transition and to continue to progress in their careers. Eminent mentors from the community help to guide them and serve as role models. These mentors are professionals or individuals holding senior management positions in the relevant industries. The workers are also provided with training in leadership and management skills such as networking, people management and conflict management. This complements other functional skills training courses provided by Mendaki SENSE.

Career Rising is a partnership between Temasek Cares, Mendaki SENSE, community leaders and business partners. The programme is a significant effort towards improving the social mobility of low-income households. These Malay/Muslim families benefit when a family member is able to take on higher-paying PME jobs and further his or her career progression. The 2-year programme will benefit 275 workers and their families.

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