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FY 2014-2015

Temasek Cares –Programme to Support Students with Learning Needs (Numeracy)
Helping slower learners to improve their numeracy skills
Partner: Assumption Pathway School

This programme supports students, especially those with special needs in improving their numeracy skills through an enhanced syllabus and pedagogy from the school, assisted by an educational psychologist and a support officer.

Students with learning needs will be screened and assessed by the educational psychologist to ensure that the enhanced curriculum is accessible to them. At the same time, the students will also be helped by the support officer through small group intervention and one-on-one coaching.

This programme is expected to support 264 students with learning needs over the next two years.

Building Capability

FY 2012-2013

Programmes for Students of Assumption Pathway School
Helping students from challenging home environments to succeed
Partner:Assumption Pathway School

Temasek Cares (“TC”) strengthened its support for disadvantaged students in Assumption Pathway School with a new grant to provide education bursaries and learning support specialists. Education bursaries are given to students from low-income families to help them with educational-related expenses. Learning support specialists such as a literacy coach and an educational psychologist help students with learning needs to better access the curriculum. TC also funds a programme to provide a family social worker to assist students from dysfunctional families.

FY 2011-2012

Temasek Cares – Pilot Programme to Provide Family Social Work
Helping students from challenging home environments to succeed
Partner:Assumption Pathway School

Many students who show at-risk behaviour come from challenging home environments. Often, their behaviour, such as lack of motivation and poor attendance, can be linked to larger and deeper familial issues.

To enhance the ability of the school to help the students holistically, the school is setting up a programme to provide family social work to dysfunctional families. A team comprising of a senior family social worker and interns will work to address the familial issues that are hindering the child’s learning and development. They will support the school’s existing counsellors and teachers, who will continue to focus on the academic, social and emotional needs of the student.

The family social workers will assess the needs of the family, provide counselling, link the family to available help schemes and programmes and follow up on progress made. They will act as case workers with the desired outcome of providing a safe and conducive family environment for the students. Temasek Cares is supporting the pilot programme to help 90 families over 2 years.

FY 2011-2012

Temasek Cares - Programme to Support Students with Learning Needs
Supporting APS students with learning needs to cope with their curriculum
Partner:Assumption Pathway School

Assumption Pathway School set up a one year pilot programme last year to help students with learning and developmental needs to cope with their curriculum. The programme provided the school with literacy coaches, an educational psychologist, diagnostic tools and other resources as well as capability building of existing teachers.

Many students have benefitted from the programme. Students with low literacy skills participate in a pull-out programme conducted by the literacy coaches. The pull-out classes help them with their reading and language skills. A special needs class has also been formed to cater to students with more severe learning and developmental needs. So far, feedback from teachers and parents has been encouraging. Temasek Cares is supporting the extension of the programme for another 12 months to benefit 120 students.


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