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FY 2012-2013

Temasek Cares - Project SPARK
Assisting single-parent families rebuild their lives and create stronger family units
Partners: CDAC, MENDAKI, SINDA, Eurasian Association

In March 2010, Project SPARK was launched in collaboration with four self-help groups, namely, Yayasan Mendaki, CDAC (Chinese Development Assistance Council), SINDA (Singapore Indian Development Association) and Eurasian Association to meet the gaps in services for single parents and their children within their communities. The programme provides avenues of employment support, skills training, financial support and childcare for dependents, encouraging single parents, especially mothers, to assimilate back into the workforce.

Project SPARK has been well received by the public. As of March 2013, the programme has helped support more than 1,094 single parents and 1,872 children. Temasek Cares has continued its support for this programme for another 2 years with a new grant to assist 900 single-parent families.

FY 2010-2011

Temasek Cares - Project SPARK
Focus on helping single-parent families rebuild their lives and create stronger family units
Partners: CDAC, MENDAKI, SINDA, Eurasian Association

The Self-Help Groups (SHGs), namely CDAC, MENDAKI, SINDA, and Eurasian Association have joined hands with Temasek Cares to set up a programme to help single-parent families rebuild their lives. Known as Temasek Cares - Project SPARK (Successful Parents And Resilient Kids), the programme aims to help a total of 600 single parent families over the next two years.

Single parents, especially single mothers, face many challenges to becoming independent. To re-enter the workforce, they need help to gain the necessary skills and qualification. They also need help to groom themselves for interviews, help to pay for transport and living expenses and help to care for their dependents while they undertake employment.

Temasek Cares - Project SPARK is built around CareerLink Plus, a programme which provides employment support for job-seekers. A case manager will assess the career readiness of the parent and where needed, enroll the parent for courses in skills upgrading, interview skills, IT knowledge, grooming skills, financial literacy, etc. The case manager will also help the family with the education and care needs of children and other dependents. To supplement existing social help schemes, Temasek Cares - Project SPARK will step in to help financially-needy parents with their share of training expenses and childcare costs.

Temasek Cares - Project SPARK is an iconic programme for Temasek Cares. It is the largest grant given by us to-date. It also marks a notable first in pooling all the SHGs ' resources to extend support to the needy in our community.

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