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FY 2016-2017

Stay Prepared - Programme to Study the Emergency Preparedness of the Singapore Community
Pilot study to understand personal and community preparedness in Singapore

Temasek Holdings launched the Temasek Emergency Preparedness (T-PREP) Fund in March 2014 to help people in Singapore prepare for emergencies and crises. The T-PREP Fund is managed by Temasek Foundation Cares under the 'Stay Prepared' initiative.

Stay Prepared' programmes include:

  • Restart A Heart: Equipping the community in chest compression and usage of Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs)
  • 'Stay Prepared' Starter Kits: Distribution of 'Stay Prepared' Starter Kits to 1.2 million households in Singapore
  • Kids in Tough Situations and Trauma Network for Children: Post-trauma psychological support for children and families
  • Business Psychological Resilience Programme (B-PREP): Helping businesses prepare their employees for the psychological impact of emergencies, crises and threats
  • Project eMHFA(S) (Mental Health First Aid Singapore): Building community resilience by training community leaders in mental health first aid
  • AED on Wheels: Equipping 100 SMRT taxis with AEDs

Broad-based information on the level of emergency preparedness of individuals and the Singapore community is needed to guide the future development of 'Stay Prepared' programmes. This will enable us to understand current perceptions, attitudes and behaviours of, as well as identify need in, personal and community preparedness. To do so, a study of the emergency readiness of 2,000 Singapore households will be conducted through surveys and interviews.


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