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FY 2014-2015

First Responder Programmes
Building the community's capability in basic resuscitation skills and a central registry of first responders in the community
Partners: Singapore Heart Foundation, Singapore Red Cross Society

Temasek Cares is partnering the Singapore Heart Foundation to raise the bystander response rate in cases of cardiac arrest outside the hospital. This programme aims to equip the community with basic resuscitation skills i.e. continuous chest compression-only resuscitation, where studies have shown that it is effective as a life-saving skill.

Temasek Cares will also work with the Unit for Pre-hospital Emergency Care to enhance the pedagogy on continuous chest compression-only resuscitation and the use of automated external defibrillators (AED) in the four official languages in Singapore so that more people can access and learn these skills.

Complementary to this, Temasek Cares will, in partnership with Singapore Red Cross Society, build up a central registry of people in the community who can be first responders in an incident. The registry aims to include first responders trained in basic resuscitation, first aid, trauma therapy and other skills required during emergencies. The centralised information can better support the community during emergencies.


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