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Areas and Principles of Funding
The purpose and mission of Temasek Foundation Cares is to contribute to the well-being, dignity and livelihood of underprivileged individuals, families and communities in Singapore. It aims to do so through the following thrusts:
Building People
Through support with dignity for individuals and families in times of need;
Building Capability
Through education, training and other initiatives to improve opportunities for livelihood;
Building Community
Through fostering racial and religious harmony and promoting understanding across cultures and languages for the underprivileged, poor and needy; and
Rebuilding Lives
Through a helping hand for another chance for the disadvantaged individuals, families or communities
Rather than funding beneficiaries directly or running programmes and services on its own, Temasek Foundation Cares prefers to partner with non-profit organisations and support them to develop and run programmes that can enhance the well-being, dignity and livelihood opportunities of individuals, families and communities in need. These programmes contribute towards our four thrusts of Building People, Building Capability, Building Community and Rebuilding Lives.
The broad criteria adopted by Temasek Foundation Cares in the selection of partners and programmes are as follows:
1. Impact of Programme
The programme must address a significant need and have clear and measurable outcomes. Higher priority may be given to programmes that serve areas where:

  a. there are gaps in services or programmes or where needs have not been adequately met by existing services and programmes
  b. to complement well-serving programmes' criteria that will benefit the needy
  c. for various reasons, are not as well supported by the donating public.

2. Feasibility of Programme
The programme must be feasible and likely to attain the objectives, outcomes and impact given the available funds and the capability of the implementing organisations.
3. Capability of Partners
Implementing organisations must have the ability to identify needs and to develop, implement, monitor and review programmes. They must apply the outcomes-focused approach and be committed to monitoring progress and adjusting programmes as needed. The organisations should be established Institutions of Public Character (IPC).
4. Priority of Funding
For Temasek Foundation Cares to be effective, it needs to focus on core areas. There will therefore be many programmes that fall outside the scope and priorities of Temasek Foundation Cares. In particular, we will give less priority to:

  Capital or endowment campaigns and fund-raising;
  Buildings, capital equipment and infrastructure;
  Advertisements and promotions for organisations or groups; and
  Fund-raising events/platforms
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